Is bandwidth upload and download?

June 14, 2018 1.7k views

Can’t find a clear policy on whether calculated traffic consists of both upload and download. Would like clarification.


1 Answer

Yes it does.

  • Not according to this article:

    What type of data transfer counts towards the total transfer pool?

    Only outbound transfer is counted.

    This means any transfer sent from a Droplet over a public network interface is deducted from the data transfer pool. In all other situations, transfer is not metered. Uploading data from your computer or the Internet to a Droplet is not metered. Communication among Droplets using private network is not metered.

    by Rafael Rosa
    As our product portfolio expands, we are clarifying our billing policies so customers can evaluate and plan their infrastructure with greater confidence. We've always had transfer quotas for outbound data from Droplets. We're introducing a pooled...
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