Is digital Oceam accept PNB MASTER DEBIT ,

October 3, 2016 894 views

when i create account on digital ocean. I give my pnb master debit card. Digital ocean accept it. And then i used one promocode , promocode gives 10 dollar. On 1st october digital ocean dont take payment from my card. I have now 6 dollar credit in digital ocean. So when my 6 dollar finished. what would heppen. Is digiatl ocean accept pnb masterocard which is debit card. Please check my account. i have no paypal because paypal diesnot accept pnb debit card. So what i do now.

1 Answer

Debit cards in some geographies are disallowed because of fraudulent signups.
If DigitalOcean accepted your debit card on account, that means they authorized it, verified what card is it and allowed it to be used with you are account. In other words, you should not be in problem.
If your debit card is not allowed, you would instant get message on account creation that Debit cards are not allowed and you would be asked to add another one. So once they authorize it, you are not in problem.
For more information you can always contact support, as they can take closer look into your account. :)

Learn more about it on DigitalOcean Billing FAQ

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