Is DigitalOcean blocking inbound traffic to customer droplets?

August 13, 2013 8k views
Hello! I am attempting to monitor a recently created droplet from my enterprise network monitoring solution and have been unable to successfully connect to my droplet via SNMP. I'm monitoring hundreds of other servers and devices with this tool, so I'm confident SNMP communications are failing somewhere between my corporate network and the DigitalOcean network. The local host-based firewall is properly configured to allow SNMP and snmpd is configured to access connections accordingly, but I am still not able to connect. Is it possible that this traffic is being blocked at the DigitalOcean network edge? Thanks! Brad
3 Answers
We do not block any ports by default. Try telnet-ing to the SNMP port on your droplet from your corporate network -- does that work?

This article says DigitalOcean DOES block 25 unless a request is made to unblock it.

Please clarify because I've been chasing my tail for 2 hours trying to figure out why I cannot even telnet to 25.

@rich: That post it from 2012 -- we no longer offer free trials and as a result of that we do not block SMTP by default anymore.
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