Is every feature in heroku is available in digital ocean also?

Posted April 1, 2014 11.1k views
I have so far used heroku and now i would like to give digital ocean a try as i could see many users shifting from heroku to digital ocean. Before moving i would like to know if there is every option in heroku is available in digital ocean as well. I have listed my doubts below 1, In heroku, the deployment time is really fast. And i have planned to use cloud 66 for deploying in digital ocean. Will this be a better option? 2, The other important thing is zero down time deployment which has been so useful in heroku. Do digital ocean provide any such option? If yes, could you please share me the link or steps? 3, In heroku, if something went wrong then the app would crash but the app is restarted automatically after a particular time. How about the digital ocean? Is there is any option for restarting the app automatically on crash? 4, In heroku, we increase or decrease dyno to scale the app. How can i scale the app if app reaches more traffic? I have read few about this but i would like to hear from you as well to exactly understand. 5, Recently heroku added web sockets support. I was using faye in the rails app and i would like to know if digital ocean also supports web sockets and i would like to know the way to set up web sockets here. 6, I had few other options available in heroku such as backing up the db, log monitoring, SSL support and please tell me any such options that were available in digital ocean. 7, I use delayed jobs in my rails app and i use worker dyno to run those long running tasks in heroku. How about running the long running tasks separately i digital ocean for better performance? Sorry if my question is too large to explain but i would like to know about these things in particular as this were the most common things that i use in my apps. Thanks in advance!

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I believe this was answered in our IRC channel.
There's an easy answer to this question and it looks like this:

Heroku is a PaaS. DigitalOcean isn't. You can read about the former here:

The more complicated answer, without touching on any of your points specifically, is as such:

Heroku is a platform for apps. Because it's a platform, it has a lot of the features you specified already cooked into the service.

DigitalOcean, in essence, provides you another computer to do as your heart desires on. Of course, this computer (instance/droplet/what have you), is on a faster network than what you're on and probably isn't as powerful. It does, however, get the job done for what you need it to do.