Is Fail2ban automatically well configured for the digital ocean wordpress 18-04 marketplace image ?

June 27, 2019 1.3k views
DigitalOcean WordPress Ubuntu 18.04

If I launch an one click app wordpress blog (thanks to digital ocean wordpress ubuntu 18.04 image). I saw that the image included Fail2Ban.
Will I need to configure it or is Fail2ban already configured for the different log services (Apache, MySql, …) ?

Will it blocks efficently DDOS or security intrusion ?

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Hey there @EmmanuelMacron,

The WordPress image that we provide for the 1-click marketplace application includes Fail2ban installed from the default distribution repositories as well as the WordPress Fail2ban plugin that provides integration with WordPress’ authentication system.

These are shipped in the default configuration provided by the WordPress plugin. This configuration should be plenty adequate for most droplets running WordPress but can be further modified and the configuration changed if needed or if you are running additional services that aren’t included in the default configuration.

I hope that helps!
- Matt.

  • Hi Matt, I also have a 1-click Wordpress droplet, and I think Fail2ban was automatically installed, but I didn’t get the plugin installed. When I try to install the plugin I get a fatal error (something about redeclaring not possible, because something is already declared).

    Is this because Fail2ban is already properly configured, or is there something else I need to do?

    • Hiya @Johnfstockland,

      What an odd situation! The best thing to do here would be to raise a support ticket so that our marketplace support team can look into this further and assist you in getting this resolved.

      Once it has been sorted, we’d love to know what the issue was here, so that it may help other users in the future!
      - Matt.

    • I had similar problem & ended up uninstalling Fail2ban. I do see some weird issues beyond DO with these WP installs (connectivity via Jetpack to, but I am unsure if Fail2ban has anything to do with it.

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