Is IPv6 available?

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We currently do not support IPv6 but it is on our roadmap and we hope to have something in the works by Q4 2012 or Q1 2013.
Meanwhile you can use a tunnel setup from which works great with the droplets.
Is IPv6 still planned for this quarter?

My existing VPS provider has had native Ipv6 support for the past 18 months, it's something I'd need if I moved any production sites over to Digital Ocean.
We are just getting out of the pile of work we had to do to get SSD and double RAM launched yesterday.

So we don't have a clear ETA at the moment as we are still sorting through a pile of backlog work in relation to that. But please ping us again in one to two weeks when things settle down a bit more.
We have this request tracked in our UserVoice: - as soon as it moves out of planning into being rolled out and tested we will update that feature request. =]
What about IPv6 now?
@ssd you can follow the progress on IPv6 here:
After reading the DO blog post about IPv4 space running low I thought to myself.. I haven't even seen a direct option for IPv6 on DO... sooooooo....
so q3 2013, still no ipv6 support? I will sign up as soon as you have it
@camva2003: IPv6 is definitely on the roadmap. It'll be available for beta testing once it's ready.
beta tester available here! :)
I would like to volunteer for IPv6 beta testing, too :)
Same. I've been using ipv6 for a couple of years now with another VPS provider. would be happy to test it for/with DO too.
Is it possible to test IPv6 on DO now? I would like to be tester.
Unfortunately IPv6 is still not available.
Any news about IPv6? I would like to join the beta program...
Also available for IPv6 testing.
I am also interested in hearing about the ETA of IPv6. I would like my webserver to be accessible directly by IPv6 clients.
When we will will get promised in far Q1 2013 IPv6 support ?
When I tried to signup for SixXS for tunnel and stated I will use it at DigitalOcean they rejected my signup. Reason - DigitalOcean asked them to don't terminate tunnels (!) WTF?

Below is my conversation with SixXS:

>> SixXS has experienced a problem verifying the account information
>> you provided during your signup.

>> The reason specified was:
> DigitalOcean provides native IPv6

On 2014-02-06 15:00 , you wrote:
> Hi, are u kidding me?
> The reason specified was: DigitalOcean provides native IPv6
> Do you have any proof of this information?
> 1) I spoke to customer support and asked if they support IPv6 today they said no (see screenshot).
> 2)

Digital Ocean has requested to us not to terminate any tunnels due to the amount of abuse created by their users.


Question to Digital Ocean: what's going on!? This is something wrong with your roadmaps!

You don't have IPv6 support after 1 year and a half since this question was asked and you are asking tunnel brokers to don't terminate traffic for your clients?
Deadline elapsed. Where's my IPv6


We're working on getting IPv6 released soon. Stay tuned!

No ETA as of yet.
Would like to see this as well :)
I too want this. Please?
Any ETA for IPv6 availability in Digital Ocean?


We're aiming to get IPv6 publicly released in late April, 2014.
That's great, finger crossed.
Yeah, IPv6 will be great thing, we can't wait anymore :)
Just don't want to use any tunnel brokers, etc.
Native IPv6 would be great! I can't wait!
I'm also very interested in having native IPv6 support. I know it feels better to make optimistic timeframe estimates to try to keep customers happy...but in the long term it hurts trust. When can we truly, realistically (pessimistically) see IPv6 support? If it's coming in July, then fine—I'd rather know when it's coming than expect it at the end of every month and then be disappointed each time.

On a lighter note...I absolutely love my VPS, the pricing is great, and the website and control panel are awesome.
We are on May, any news about IPv6?
My solution to the IPv6 issue has been to *not* migrate critical services to Digital Ocean. I only use it for playground stuff. Plus the issues with data-destruction (really non-destruction) from Droplets.
It's almost the end of may, any update? Or is this just going to keep getting pushed further and further back...
IPv6 is now available in our SGP1 datacenter. Check out the announcement for more info and future plans:
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