Is it possible to add monitoring on volumes?

August 18, 2017 3.9k views
Monitoring Ubuntu 16.04 Block Storage DigitalOcean

The current monitoring/alert system only sends notifications if the root disk’s utilization is beyond a threshold. The alert is not triggered when an attached volume is over-utilized. Is it possible at this time to add monitoring to volumes instead of droplets?

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Thanks for your feedback. This is a feature we are looking to add.

  • +1, I would love to have such an ability.

  • … and by “I would love to”, I mean: I yearn for, I need such an ability. You have such gorgeous graphs and sweet, sweet monitoring functions — they make me feel like a king overlooking his kingdom. When I have to log into servers and manually check the disk usage of their attached volumes, it breaks my heart. It turns me into into a dirt-shoveling peasant of the very same kingdom. I don’t want any peasants in my kingdom. I’m its only member.

  • Ok, it’s more than a year later and ????

    I need to know when a volume is getting close to full and needs to be manually increased (or move old data to be archived) since volumes don’t automatically increase like S3 space does.

    I can’t have the volume just fill to capacity and then deal with the issue.

    I’m moving a site that is on a legacy bare metal server with a 2TB HD that if filled to capacity to a droplet with a mounted volume. The 2TB drive filled to capacity over the years.

    So I’m guessing I will have to write a cron job script to deal with this issue.

  • Until the feature comes, is it possible to hack/configure do-agent to monitor a mounted volume instead of root disk ?

any update on this ?
i’m using volumes for backup of several databases and monitoring this is very critical for me

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I would like this feature too.

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