Is it possible to add monitoring on volumes?

Posted August 18, 2017 8.2k views
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The current monitoring/alert system only sends notifications if the root disk’s utilization is beyond a threshold. The alert is not triggered when an attached volume is over-utilized. Is it possible at this time to add monitoring to volumes instead of droplets?


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Thanks for your feedback. This is a feature we are looking to add.

  • +1, I would love to have such an ability.

  • … and by “I would love to”, I mean: I yearn for, I need such an ability. You have such gorgeous graphs and sweet, sweet monitoring functions — they make me feel like a king overlooking his kingdom. When I have to log into servers and manually check the disk usage of their attached volumes, it breaks my heart. It turns me into into a dirt-shoveling peasant of the very same kingdom. I don’t want any peasants in my kingdom. I’m its only member.

  • Ok, it’s more than a year later and ????

    I need to know when a volume is getting close to full and needs to be manually increased (or move old data to be archived) since volumes don’t automatically increase like S3 space does.

    I can’t have the volume just fill to capacity and then deal with the issue.

    I’m moving a site that is on a legacy bare metal server with a 2TB HD that if filled to capacity to a droplet with a mounted volume. The 2TB drive filled to capacity over the years.

    So I’m guessing I will have to write a cron job script to deal with this issue.

  • Until the feature comes, is it possible to hack/configure do-agent to monitor a mounted volume instead of root disk ?

any update on this ?
i’m using volumes for backup of several databases and monitoring this is very critical for me

Here you go

Diskmon was created to monitor volumes on Digital Ocean.

any updates on it?

If you need complete Linux server monitoring check this out

I would like this feature too.

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