Is it possible to boot droplet from ISO image (for example, Ubuntu installer image)?

Posted December 31, 2014 9.6k views

I want to set up virtual machine with encrypted root disk (yes, it requires entering decryption password on the boot; VNC console should do that).

Yes, I know there is multiple ways to circumvent the encryption: someone from Digital Ocean could easily eavesdrop the password or dump memory contents and obtain the password from there.

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At this time we don’t support using custom user provided images. It is something we are looking into providing in the future though. We use UserVoice to track feature requests and help gauge user demand. You can vote for this open request there to show your support and subscribe to get updates on any new developments.

One option on Ubuntu is to set up an encrypted home directory for your user. This can be done easily, even after the fact:

sudo apt-get install ecryptfs-utils cryptsetup
sudo ecryptfs-migrate-home -u user
  • I repeat the same question, do you support custom iso now like windows 7.

  • Hi asb,

    Is this available yet? Booting a custom ISO?

    If not.. And I have a feeling it isn’t (otherwise we would see this option on the control panel) Considering you already have the rescue environment. Adding uploaded ISOs would be incredibly straight forward. You can set it up so that an ISO can be either chosen from a specific-prebuilt list:


    These are probably the most common ISOs people will probably want to use, for things like rescuing a system that was encrypted, and things of that nature. And of course on a regular basis you can take submissions from the userbase and add other common ISOs.

    And then if people want to boot their own ISO, then we should be able to upload an ISO to a space, and then select the bootable ISO on the droplet manager to pull from the space.

    Considering this is the highest voted for item on for Digital Ocean, I would hope you listen to the crowd and implement this feature.