Is it possible to do rate limiting to the droplet

Posted June 11, 2019 5.3k views

Hi team,

I’m looking for a mechanism to block the IP addresses on an incremental time block upon too many request.

  1. If a user sends 7-10 HTTP Requests in a second the IP should be blocked from accessing my server for 10 mins, again if it violates it should be blocked for 15 mins, 20 mins and so on.

Rather than using an application in server level like Fail2Ban. Can we do it from digital ocean console ?

Karthik. K

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While this is not something that can be done through our control panel, it can be accomplished by using the built-in functionality of NGINX or using mod_ratelimit on Apache.




Additionally, there are third-party services, such as CloudFlare, which can provide more advanced options.

I’m new and not 100% familiar with what you’re looking for but I limit my ssh and a few other ports with the limit option in the firewall.

Example if I wanted to limit standard ssh I would do it like this:

sudo ufw limit ssh/tcp


sudo ufw limit 22/tcp

Both will limit port 22.

  • The /tcp allows only a tcp connection to allow only udp you simply add /udp and to allow it on both you simply leave off the /* example: ufw limit ssh

It’s not to directly block but incremental temporary block.