Is it possible to edit my PTR(?) record as I can't see it?

September 1, 2014 13.5k views

I can get access to my site via my ip address or domain name (less the 'WWW'). If I type my domain name with the sub-domain 'WWW' I lose access.

Okay just found out I need to add a cname record to remedy this, but I can't find any way of just editing my PTR (wtf is that?) record.

It does say in my DNS information
"To update your PTR record please update your Droplet’s hostname through the control panel."

REALLY I've looked and can see no way of doing this?

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In the DO control panel clink on the droplet you want to rename.
Click on settings.
Click on rename.
Type new name and click rename button.


All you need to do is go to control panel and click the following:


This will allow you to go to www.* and visit your site.


  • Just issued this

    $ dig -x myIPaddress

    ...and the ptr record is still pointing to the old incorrect droplet name.

  • It will take a few hours to propagate out.

  • Thanks romanparish and vps.

    This has been rattling my cage for weeks and I just want to sort this out and try and understand it. Its all new to me but at least I'm learning something even if I end up tearing my hair out in frustration.

  • Okay finally it's working my domain adresss is finally resolving when 'WWW' is prepended.

    The weird thing is

    $ dig -x

    still shows my IP as pointing to my old incorrect droplet name 8 hours after changing.

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