Is it possible to have Email server and use with other webstie?

August 4, 2013 2.7k views
Hi, Is it possible that I setup an email server on one droplet with a different domain/same domain and use that for sending/ receiving email for multiple websites/domain. I don't know much about email server or any server related stuff. I know that I can use 3rd party solutions but I think using 3rd party solutions costs more than setting up an email server for multiple website on DO. Thanks
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Yes you can. You will have to first setup the email server on one of the VPS and change MX entries for all teh domains that you want to manage the emails for.
Thanks for your reply @manojsterex, One more question do can I use subdomain for the setup of email server?
Yes, you can use a subdomain for the mail server.

hi am new for server, kindly help me how to install and config mail, in my server php mail function also not working

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