Is it possible to have Multiple HaProxy?

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I just read this tutorial serie

I have a question, with this haProxy, pretty much any server could go down, and the user won’t see a anything. But what about the haProxy server?
What if he goes down?
Is there a way to have 2 HaProxy (or more)? So one could go down and everything is still working?

Thank you

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  • For this to work you would need an IP that floats between the 2 HAProxy Droplets. DO doesn’t offer floating IPs as of now.

    Another way is to configure DNS failover with a low TTL value. AWS Route53 supports this feature, but if a client doesn’t obey this TTL they’ll get to the Droplet which is offline.

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At the moment we don’t provide support for floating IPs which would allow you to setup heartbeat or another service to swap the active IP between two HAProxy servers.

In the meantime if you want to add a bit of redundancy you can setup two separate HAProxy servers and use DNS round-robin to distribute the load between them in an active-active state. That won’t provide complete failover in the case one goes down but it will provide some redundancy to ensure that not all connections are rejected if a load balancer has failed.

Floating IPs are on our roadmap specifically to allow customers to setup redundant load balancing and other services.

  • Any update on a timeline for this? It’s literally the one thing that makes Linode preferable to DO for our production applications.

  • Hi Moisy,

    Do you have any update on this? Floating IPs would be great if this is going to be supported in AMS2 and AMS3 to make a high available cluster.

    Thanks in advance

  • We’ve begun the exploratory work on this feature and it should be launched for public use before the end of this year, unfortunately I can’t provide a more concrete ETA on this, but it’s on the way =]

    • Has this been completed

      • Yes, we now have floating IPs, so you can create it and assign it to one of your HAProxy servers and then when it dies you can export that IP to the other server.

        It does require a bit of overhead in terms of setting up and complexity of management but we also did release a load balancer as well, that you can create from the control panel directly, which will do all of this for you.

        From the control panel you can create one and just specify what you want load balanced and it will take care of the setup you are describing for you.