Is it possible to install a BSD OS?

Posted October 5, 2012 35.1k views
Is it possible to install NetBSD, FreeBSD or OpenBSD?

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That is not currently one of the Operating Systems that we offer on our droplets.

However, we will be adding it to our list soon. Once it's installed, you will be able to select that option from the create a droplet screen.
I would like to work with you to, at least, evaluate NetBSD 6.0 (I am a developer).
You can use our FeedBack system inside of the control panel to request BSD and if other customers up vote it then it will move up in priority on our product roadmap.

We constantly review the most requested items there to help prioritize how new features are added.
When do you think FreeBSD will be available?
We currently are not yet working on FreeBSD as we are focused on some core features for the platform so we do not have an ETA.

We will update our UserVoice: - when we have a more concrete timeframe.
Any update on this? I'd really like to have a FreeBSD droplet.
I'll switch if you'll have FreeBSD support. There is no point building servers on dead CentOS
Same here, if you provide FreeBSD support I'd switch right away
Would love to have FreeBSD too, please.
I'd just like to request FreeBSD as well.
Also might be useful that Amazon made FreeBSD available on their EC2:
just searched the forums for any mention of "bsd". A freebsd OS choice would be great to have.
will switch if you have FreeBSD.
You can follow the progress on *BSD implementation on uservoice:
Any updates on *BSD? ;)
@tarantul7 no ETA at the moment
FreeBSD 8.4 just released!
Good news is KVM Virtualization supported out of the box!
[amd64, i386] The paravirtualized virtio(4) drivers have been added to GENERIC kernel. They include PCI fontend, net, block, balloon, and scsi drivers. The module files are virtio.ko, virtio_pci.ko, if_vtnet.ko, virtio_blk.ko, virtio_balloon.ko, and virtio_scsi.ko, respectively.
I'd also require BSD as an OS option
Please provide FreeBSD as an option, and will switch in 30seconds or less.
It seems every single instance of FreeBSD suggestion was Declined on their uservoice forum.
I could understand deleting dups.. but declining all of them is basically saying they don't plan to support it.

I guess it is back to Rackspace/GreenQloud for me..
Another vote for FreeBSD!
Vote-bump for FreeBSD!
Please add FreeBSD and I will use your service
I want OpenBSD but I would also use FreeBSD if it was available and OpenBSD was not.
FreeBSD should be considered a core feature
+ FreeBSD... i'll only switch for FreeBSD
I will switch if you offer FreeBSD.
I need FreeBSD and OpenBSD
FreeBSD for me as well; however with a little procrastination we land 10.0. If that happens count me in.
I Need FreeBSD also! Please put it up - am happy to help with this effort.

Would definitely prefer FreeBSD
+1 FreeBSD
+1 OpenBSD
Please! We implore you! I just opened an account, setup the billing, now all you need to do is let us have BSD images. Thanks!
Need freebsd, has been promised by you for such a long time....
FreeBSD instead of noobuntu
so many people want BSD
and me need it
Looks like they just don't give a ... (you know what)
I was told, digitalocean supports FreeBSD, So i bought an account.
I was disappointed to see there is no support for FreeBSD.

Would request you to add FreeBSD as soon as possible.

Didn’t happen in 2 years - not going to happen ever.

+1 FreeBSD
I would switch for around USD 100 per month to you.

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