Is it possible to setup private IPs on a droplet

July 2, 2013 2.7k views
I would like to setup a couple of droplets to act as IP layer loadbalancers, probably using something like keepalived. My preferred way of doing this is by setting up a private virtual IP which can be actively flipped across each droplet. From reading other questions on the forum I gather that it is not currently possible to set up multiple public IPV4 addresses but I was was wondering if it is possible to do so with private IPV4 addresses (in which case how would I determine a safe range so as to avoid clashes?) or is it possible with IPV6 addresses? Cheers!
4 Answers
This is currently not possible - we're working hard on private networking:
@Kamal: I see that private networking has been released, does that mean that the private IP can be shared/moved between droplets ? software like keepalived requires this feature and it would be great to have the ability to run active/passive HA clusters on Digital Ocean.
Unfortunately we do not support that at the moment -- IPs cannot be moved between droplets.

@Kamal: Any updates in regards to multiple IPs on a single droplet?


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