Is it possible to upgrade the size of the disk on my Droplet? Without CPU and RAM upgrade?

Posted March 14, 2021 519 views
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I’ve logged 12 ticket replies with Digital Ocean support about enlarging the root partition of our disk. The main disk is running out of space because of a temporary backup file.

After 12 ticket replies it’s still abundantly unclear to me if I can resize a Digital Ocean disk *without* adding more CPU and RAM.

We’re paying over $650 a month to Digital Ocean for services and one would think they can answer the ticket first time, and provide the correct advice.

This is now forcing me to go to the community, and ask once again in plain and clear language,

Is it possible to upgrade my root partition without incurring additional costs for CPU and RAM??

If this is possible but only via a migration, will I loose my IP address? The IP address has numerous DNS records attached done over 2 years.

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Hi @vanderhost,

At the moment there is no straightforward way to upgrade only your Disk without upgrading anything else. There are only two official ways :

CPU and RAM only. This option lets you increase or decrease the amount of CPU and RAM available to a Droplet.

Disk, CPU, and RAM. This option increases the amount of CPU and RAM available to a Droplet and permanently increases the size of a Droplet’s disk.

Having said that, you can create a snapshot of your current droplet and then spin up a new droplet with the necessary size.

To migrate a Droplet using snapshots, you should:

  • Create a snapshot of a Droplet.
  • Optionally, move the snapshot to a new region if you want to migrate your Droplet to a new region or transfer the snapshot to a new account if you want to migrate your Droplet to a new account.
  • Create a new Droplet from the snapshot in the desired region or from the desired account.

You can check the full process listed in our tutorial:

Lastly, you can try using Volumes. Block storage volumes are network-based block devices that provide additional data storage for Droplets. You can move them between Droplets and resize them at any time.

You can check more about it here:


  • Upgrading the primary partition is a common everyday tasks for 90% of server administrators. Especially on more mature installation where the client has to or is willing to invest more money into their service. To be clear, because that article about resizing isn’t:

    1. I don’t want more RAM
    2. I don’t want more CPU
    3. I don’t want to change the region
    4. I want to keep my old IP address

    Do I get to keep my IP address when I use this snapshot method?