Is it safe to remove rpcbind?

October 26, 2015 63.2k views
Linux Basics


I have a fresh Debian 8.1 x64 droplet and I noticed that rpcbind is enabled listening on port 111.

Is it safe to completely remove it (rpcbind) along with nfs-common package ?

Is it needed by Digital Ocean in someway I may not be aware of?

Thank you, any help appreciated.

3 Answers

It is safe.

Debian installs (not just digital Ocean) default to running rpcbind and rpc.statd

Both of these services are only needed if you plan on using NFS for file sharing. They are otherwise unneeded and are a potential security risk.

You can disable them by running the following commands as root:
update-rc.d nfs-common disable
update-rc.d rpcbind disable

That will prevent them from starting at boot, but they will continue if already running until you reboot or stop them yourself.

for systemd:
get root
stop the service: #systemctl stop rpcbind.service
disable the service:#systemctl disable rpcbind.service

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