Is possible to have XFS on Ubuntu?

Posted September 11, 2015 10k views
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I need to have a XFS on Ubuntu, is possible it?

XFS is strongly recommended for a lot of software such as NoSQL databases… In other case, Can I create and mount a XFS partition into on ext4 ubuntu droplet?


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We only offer ext4 filesystems on our linux droplets (aside from CoreOS which uses multiple partitions to do in place updates).

Is it possible to modify your partition table and add a new xfs partition?

There is no system in place to prevent this but we cannot provide any support for non-standard partitioning.

There are a few different ways to modify your partitions on a DO droplet that have been documented by third parties online. The easiest method may be to open a support ticket and request they mount the recovery ISO. This is a debian based LiveCD which will provide you with a CLI environment and the ability to use apt-get to install additional software. Using this you should be able to repartition your disk image. Once you are done, update your support ticket to have the recovery ISO removed.

Remember that since this is not a supported option, our support team will not be able to assist you with this aside from mounting the ISO and removing it when you’re done. While our backup service should work properly even after you change your partition map I would recommend implementing your own backup solution as the backup system is not intended for xfs filesystems.

  • Ok, thanks for the reply @ryanpq. Very well explained.

    Only one question. Then, I understand that I can create a CoreOS droplet and format one partition using XFS within lose the DO support, is it correct?


    • No. You can do this with any droplet. I was just mentioning CoreOS as an example of one that does not use ext4. Attempting this on CoreOS would likely result in issues since it uses it’s multiple partitions for updates.