I’m very confused about the purpose of Spaces Object Storage.
I’m planning to use it mainly for images (thumbnails etc, mostly <1Mb) and video (streaming directly to the user’s browser). I need the storage to be scalable since content will be generated by users.

It seems that object storage is a perfect match for that.

However, I came across the following passages in the Spaces docs:

Avoid Small Files … You should consider the size of your files and the way you upload them to Spaces if you are … Handling files smaller than 1 MB.


You should use local or block storage if: … You have a high request rate for your data, like streaming video.


So it’s not recommended for small images such as thumbnails? And it’s not recommended for streaming video? I need the flexibility of Object Storage but I’ll also be using it mainly for images and video…

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While I don’t know enough about DO Spaces to answer your question directly, I would recommend using a CDN to serve the Spaces content. Requests would go to the Spaces API only once per border and would be cached there, the next ones would be served directly from the cache.

DO already gives us a CDN network:
Or you could use another service like Cloudflare’s free CDN:

(I’m using Cloudflare’s CDN with Spaces and I get HUGE throughput with no impact on performance because most requests don’t even get to the Spaces API)

  • Hi Gabriel! I’m interested in hosting my images in a DO Spaces container as well. My main web site, however, is hosted at Heroku. Do you know if it’s possible to host the main site at Heroku, the images in a DO Spaces container, and still have Cloudflare’s CDN do its magic? Any tutorial on how to setup Cloudflare for a DO Spaces container, even if the main site it’s not hosted at DO?


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