is there a inbound traffic limit?

October 6, 2017 2.6k views
Server Optimization Ubuntu 16.04

This is weird, but let me explain.
I have a droplet in which an elixir app runs.

I started running 15 elixir prcesses in the app and it made stable 9Mbps inbound traffic with almost 0Mbps outbound traffic.
CPU usage showed 70% in average.

But the bandwidth and cpu usage becomes almost 0 for several hours after running fine for a couple of hours.
I was not able to access my console via web browser.

Anybody has an idea or insight why this happened?

The app comes alive after several hours of shutdown but it dies again in a few hours.
And this repeats.


1 Answer

I can’t answer your question about your elixir processes, However, Digital Ocean only bills for outbound bandwidth. See this question/answer

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