Is there a need for a Private IP Network for Single Web Hosting Server?

Posted November 10, 2019 608 views
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I"m new to setting up a cloud server.

My intention is to setup a cloud server to host X number of web sites; some with applications

But before I start I need to clarify whether

there is any benefit to setting up a private IP for the droplet that maps to the public IP address of the droplet via the Firewall.

If not then I might as well just map directly to the public IP on the server.

ie I’ll set up the the Apache virtual hosts to map to the public IP.

thanks in advance

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Having a DigitalOcean Firewall would essentially mean that the traffic would be filtered before it even reaches your server. This could be very beneficial in case of a big DDoS attack, that way the malicious traffic would not even reach your droplet.

If you decided not to go with a DigitalOcean firewall, I would strongly recommend always having a software firewall like UFW enabled.

Hope that this helps!


Thank-you! Yes I’m using a firewall.

I’ll try to clarify

My question is whether there is a benefit for just one web hosting server, no other servers, to use a private IP address on the server itself then NAT to the server’s public IP address.