Is there a tutorial on how to install Freebsd 11?

November 17, 2016 2.1k views
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Is there a tutorial on installing FreeBSD 11 on a droplet. There is an enticing tutorial on setting up SmokePing....just would like to follow a tutorial on setting up FreeBSD initially.

2 Answers

As far as installing, there is no need to. We provide a pre-built FreeBSD 11 image. On the droplet creation page, just select FreeBSD. The option defaults to 11.0

@ryanpq .....Thank you for taking the time to reply to my question....
I understand the purpose for using a pre-built image. My request was if there was a tutorial for setting up FreeBSD.....Not a problem....I need to get back to the basics of reading the distro documentation anyways.....

Have a wonderful day and thanks again for taking your time to respond to my question.....


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