Is there a way to completely automate an Ubuntu 18.04 install?

July 5, 2018 1k views
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Whenever I spin up a new droplet, I always do the following:
Install nginx (setting domain name, etc. in the config)
Install php7.0-fpm
Install mysql
Create a mysql user for Wordpress
Install Wordpress, configure it using the newly created MySQL user and set up caching, etc.
Install WP-CLI and install several standard Wordpress plugins

Is there a quick way of automating most/all of the above when creating a new droplet other than cloning an existing droplet and modifying the configs manually?



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Hello friend!

Actually we do have something for just that, which should make this a much faster process for you. Take a look at this page for more detailed information:

Now it will be important to remember that your server will be up and running before those items finish installing, so you might give it a few minutes and let it run through the steps before logging in to use it.

Kind Regards,
Platform Support Lead

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