Is there a way to create a free 90days wildcard Ca certificate on ubuntu 18.04 ?

November 13, 2019 84 views

I find my CA certificate is single domain certificate and it doesn’t support mail server.
It looks like I need a wildcard Ca certificate.
I searched on the google and find “”.
Can you tell me how create a 90days wildcard CA certificate using certbot on the ubunutu18.04 ?
Thanks a lot.

1 Answer

Hi @zhiweny1122,

I’ll assume you’ve actually installed certbot already so we can just continue with the actual configuration for installing a wildcard certificate.

Let’s say we have a test domain To actually install a wildcard for it, we’ll need to run the following command from the droplet

sudo certbot certonly --manual -d * -d --agree-tos --no-bootstrap --manual-public-ip-logging-ok --preferred-challenges dns-01 --server

This should be enough for the wildcard to be installed.


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