Is there a way to group droplets to separate usage details/billing history?

October 6, 2015 2.1k views
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According to Terms of Service - Rules of Conduct (3.6) it is not good to create multiple accounts. But what if I need to separate droplets by groups? I want to get direct access to certain group which contains N amount of droplets to 1) understand sub project relations, 2) get separated usage details for droplets in certain group.

An example:
I have 2 droplets for company A, 4 droplets for company B, and 6 droplets which are my personal projects named C.

I pay for C because it's my personal projects droplets. I want company B to pay for group B which contains 4 droplets, and company A to pay for 2 droplets in a group A.

When I check usage details I get usage statistics of total 12 droplets that contain my personal droplets mixed with droplets I've made for other companies. So in this case 1) I have to make calculations by myself, 2) I have to generate document with actual list of droplets/prices to send to a company for a payment needed notification. When droplet amount gets increased it takes more time and human-related mistakes percentage on calculations.

When company A asks me for actual billing invoice, generated document will have total droplets/prices list with additional droplet names they don't need to know.

Is there a way or common case to generate different usage details for this kind of situations?

1 Answer

Currently there is not a way to do this, however if you would like to submit a feature request, please visit:

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