I just have this from a job which is continuously failing: Missing dependencies, incompatible versions, incorrect environment variables or app bugs.

Yeah, that’s great but why ? I don’t have anything more and I can’t debug this because App Platform don’t give logs for jobs.

Is there a way I could know what happenings there ?

I spend my entire afternoon and I still don’t know why I got this. This is running perfectly fine locally…

Here’s my job:

  - name: user-migrations
    environment_slug: node-js
    run_command: npx nx run user-service:migration-run
    kind: PRE_DEPLOY
      branch: main
      deploy_on_push: true
      repo: adfinitas-app/doap-test
    instance_count: 1
    instance_size_slug: basic-xxs
        scope: RUN_TIME
        value: ${user-db.HOSTNAME}
      - key: POSTGRES_PORT
        scope: RUN_TIME
        value: ${user-db.PORT}
        scope: RUN_TIME
        value: ${user-db.USERNAME}
        scope: RUN_TIME
        value: ${user-db.PASSWORD}
        scope: RUN_TIME
        value: ${user-db.DATABASE}

npx nx run user-service:migration-run does typeorm migration:run under the hood.
Does something in envs looks bad ? I tried with run_command: "true" and it works well, meaning it’s surely my command which is failing.

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Hi @scorsi,

You can view the job logs by navigating to your app -> the Deployments tab -> click the Details link for the failed deployment -> select the job under “Deploy logs”

  • When I say “jobs” I don’t mean “services” nor “static sites” nor “workers” but “jobs”…
    There is no logs about jobs, no deploy logs, no build logs.

    See here : https://ibb.co/Q62Bgc9 (link active for a month).

    • I see. Let me look into this and get back to you.

    • @scorsi Thanks for letting us know about this. It appears that the control panel is currently not displaying logs for job type components. I’ve logged an internal ticket and we’ll get it sorted out soon.

      UPDATE: This is now fixed. Job logs are accessible via the control panel.

      In the mean time, you can use doctl to view the logs. Once you’re on the deployment details page, you can find the app UUID and deployment UUID in the URL bar:


      Run the following command to print the logs. You can omit the component name to view aggregated logs for all components.

      doctl apps logs --type deploy --deployment deployment-uuid app-uuid job-component-name

      Sorry for the inconvenience!