Is there a way to move files in VNC?

Posted November 19, 2014 3.5k views

I have to move files manually via terminal and I don’t have power over most folders to edit and move files in the gui. How do I give myself perms to move/edit/change via the gui?

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Sorry, I’m new to this. I’m on Ubuntu. I think it may be some gnome thing because there are a lot of processes in the task manager thingy that say gnome in them.

  • can you post a screen-shot of what you see when you are on vnc? or just describe it?

  • The screenie

    This is what I used to install it.

    apt-get -y install ubuntu-desktop tightvncserver xfce4 xfce4-goodies
  • okay, you are using XFCE, which is a pretty good light-weight Desktop Environment.

    If you want to browse root files, then open a terminal (within VNC ) and type:

    sudo thunar

    which should open a File Browser as root, and you can then edit whatever files you want.
    If you know exactly where you want to go, you can add that to the command like this:

    sudo thunar /etc/apache2

    and that will open a file browser at /etc/apache2 directory

  • Thanks so much! Just a couple of questions.

    Is there a way of making that permanent?

    Also can I access this gui through tightvnc?

  • “Is there a way of making that permanent?”

    can you describe more what you mean by that?

    “Also can I access this gui through tightvnc?”

    should work. You might want to tunnel through SSH if that has the option..its been a while since I used tightvnc.

  • I mean is there a way of making it so i can edit files all the time without that command?

  • I do not really use XFCE, or Thunar. Someone else will have to answer that.

    What is your home-computer OS?

    I ask because you could just use an application to access your files and folders directly rather than using VNC.
    That way you could SFTP in as root, and then bookmark that, and just click to open
    You can also SFTP as your regular user, bookmark that and open that when you need to access non-root files.

    Lots of SFTP applications available…

    Using VNC seems like a long way around.