Is there an option to disable bandwidth overage?

July 4, 2018 1.3k views

I’m looking for a place to host my personal sillyness, but the nagging fear something I post might go viral is always in the back of my head. Is there an option to just cut off when I pass the bandwidth cap rather than accruing charges?

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Hello friend,

There is not currently a feature that does this on the platform side. Theoretically something like this could be built to run on the droplet, perhaps using the output of vnstat to determine whether or not to run a specific action (like disable web server or power off). I have no code examples as I am merely theorizing on ways to accomplish it.

The idea of having something platform side to handle something like this is an interesting one though. I’m going to carry that feedback to our product team and get their thoughts on it.

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  • Just a quick follow-up on Jarland’s answer: we are planning to add a “alert me if bandwidth usage reaches this threshold” (for example, 90% of the allowance), similar to what we do with billing, so you would, at the very least, be warned if you have a spike in usage or you get closer to the limit.

    The current idea is not to block more transfer, since this would in practice cause an outage from an end user perspective, but at least make the admins aware of what is going on so they can take some action.

    We don’t have dates for when this will go up, but it’s on the list. I hope it helps a bit.


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