Is there any caching by default on Ubuntu Wordpress Droplets?

August 6, 2015 2.9k views
Caching WordPress

I'm running a plugin for GeoIP that requires all caching to be OFF... and it's not working. Wondering if D.O. is caching and I don't know about it? How to test?

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I can confirm that DO does not include any method of caching by default on Wordpress one-click. Rather, it is just an average Apache stack with base Wordpress installed.

not sure if this will help .
i use easy engine, which is ubuntu + nginx + wordpress + cdn cloudfront +cloudflare yes together with tcs3 plugin for objects , and they (easy engine) have option for cgi fast cache for pages . just have to enable it . also have option for pagespeed module.

so this way my objects are cached by cdn , because its fast
pages are cached by nginx module of cgifast cache on vps . because its cheaper and fast

but i dont know or have not come across varnish or nginx reverse proxy or some thing else to be used as cache server to be used together with wp , in a single or separate vps

ps nginx is very fast and cloudflare is a good free cdn works well with page rules in place

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