Is there any other ways to connect to DB cluster under Ubuntu 16.04 MySQL 5.x ?

September 14, 2019 215 views
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We are just done adding DB cluster, but according to this article we can only connect to DB cluster if we use MySQL 8.x

Currently we are using MySQL 5.x under Ubuntu 16.04 and don’t want to risk our production server with update process.

We are trying to connect through ssh terminal and the connection always failed with error message :
ERROR 2026 (HY000): SSL connection error: unknown error number

Is there any other ways to connect to DB cluster ?

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You could use a client like TablePlus that you install on your PC/Mac and connect to the cluster remotely from your local machine.

Another option would be to just create a small droplet and install MySQL 8.x client there and use the droplet as a hub to connect to your managed database cluster.

Hope that this helps!

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