Is there any way to set up separate billing per droplet - or by group of droplets?

July 6, 2017 2.9k views

I have read the two-year-old article here here, and I wondered if there is any solution to this issue now?

I really do not want to be the middle man for my customers, and it would be nice to set up separate billing for certain droplets, so they can handle the payments themselves. Is this an option at all, or will I just have to continue charging my customers in advance?

1 Answer

Hi @foldager

You could setup separate accounts for your customers and then they could invite you as a team member.

This would require you migrate those droplets and there's currently a maximum of 10 memberships per account.

But it would be better and more correct for your customers, since they would be owners of their own accounts (and responsible for payments), so in case they want to use another administrator or something happens to you.

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