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Hi, I have bought an IS domain last week.
I have tried delegation request to / / but it was failed.

so, I found requirement of IS domain in ISNIC homepage.
please, read below some requirement.

Is is possible to delegate my IS domain In DigitalOcean?
How can I do my IS domain delegation to DigitalOcean name server.

please, help me

Nameservers hosting Icelandic domains (.IS domains) must comply with all of the following requirements:

Nameservers must allow connection to UDP port 53, and to TCP port 53 as well (see RFC5966).
Nameserver must be consistently registered in DNS, i.e. its own A resource record must be available and a corresponding PTR resource record as well.
Namesever name can only contain ascii letters, digits, hyphen and periods.
For nameservers within the .IS zone, the following also applies:
Hostname can not be numeric only (i.e. (See: RFC1035 RFC1123 RFC1912 ).
The full name of the nameserver (FQN) must include the hostname (i.e. the canonical name of the machine the nameserver is running on).

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Hi @jbear

It should work, so can you contact ISNIC and ask why delegation failed?

  • I also have same issue.
    Actually, they told me like below.

    In order for your delegation to be successful your new DNS must meet the .IS Registry criteria.

    Please kindly follow this link to validate your name servers comply with Icelandic regulations:

    Once you have validated that your new DNS meet the .IS criteria, please kindly place your delegation again by logging into your control panel.

    If you are not sure what the error report at the tool above means, please refer it to digital.

    ISNIC domain requirement is difficult for me

    • @designe

      Okay, I’m not sure why it has so hard requirements. From what I can see, DigitalOcean not doing point 5: TTL for NS records not lower than 24 hours., because it only uses 1 hour.

      Again, you’re not required to use DigitalOcean’s name servers even though you’re using servers here, so I would probably recommend that you find another open/free provider like CloudFlare (where you can freely use the DNS, just disable everything else).

Most of the ISNIC sanctioned DNS servers reside in Iceland, due to the odd TTL requirements. If you need a free DNS, you can use, which allows free DNS setup, and has most of the important parts in English, so it doesn’t require too much translation from Icelandic.