isp mail server solution to replace a windows one

September 12, 2014 2.3k views

I need a droplet with an isp mail server, stable and secure tu manager > 50 domains and > 300 users
At now i’m using on a windows server

Someone has a suggestion ?


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  • Hello there, my suggestion is to go for a $40/mo or $80/mo plan, since you are managing over 50 domains and 300 users. Now for the mailserver, I suggest you iRedMail or EasyEngine. Both can install and configure your mailserver. EasyEngine is developed by rtCamp and uses nginx, the latest release 2.1 has support for mailserver. Both come with a control panel to manage your domains and emails.

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Hi, i’ve seen EasyEngine but it seam a WordPress installer.. is there a mail server backend admin and webmail on EE?

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