ISPconfig 3 https problem.

September 11, 2014 16k views


I just installed "the perfect server ispconfig3" on centos 6.5,

The issue is the following... i have 1 domain pointing to droplet ip and apache default folder, if i acces throw i can access to the contorl panel, all fine.

Then i added a second domain (digital ocean dns panel) pointing to my droplet IP (i am using digitalocean nameservers in both domains).

Well then i created a site in ISPconfig controlpanel and a DNS zone using digitalocan dns, now this domain points to another apache folder with so the result is the following: -> default apache folder and shows own content -> new apache folder and shows diferent content

all ok. -> default apache folder -> default apache folder too and same website (here is the problem).

I don't know if i explained it right, if someone can give a hand, thanks.

2 Answers

Did you setup the ssl certificate on domain2?

Can you access domain2 with

  • I can access domain 2 with, i did set up 1 selfsigned ssl certificate when following the tutorial but im not sure how to do it for

    Thanks for help.

  • Click on Sites in CP
    click on
    Click on SSL
    Fill in everything at top. Stop at SSL Key.

    At bottom Click on the SSL action. Select create certificate. Then click save.

    It will take ispconfig a couple of minutes to update the config files.

  • Thanks for your time vps, i will do it and tell you if it works.


  • Still not working, when i access with https, i go to the apache default folder (same as

  • Only other thing I can think of off hand is make sure you have SSL checked under domain.

  • Of course it was not, now all is working fine, really thanks.

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