Ispconfig + Dovecot + Postfix + SquirrelMail = Epic fail

September 22, 2014 4.7k views

Hello, i am setting up a vps for a friend and as anyone else would do i folloed this guide for the mail servers:

The installation is seccuessfull but the SquirrelMail doesnt seem to work. The password from ISPconfig is not tha same for SquirrelMail and i dont have any idea how to manage the emails. Could you pleaase tell me more about the SquirrelMail or a better email )web based) client?

1 Answer

You need to add the email users in ispconfig.

In ispconfig under email first click on domain at left. Click add new domain.

Then same section click on "Email Mailbox" click "add new email"

Just fill in the form.

If you want to add aliases it on the left also.

  • I've done it but e-mails never come to my gmail inbox and the SquirrelMail doesnt like me at all!

  • Must not be understanding on what you asking.

    When you setup the email in ispconfig mail will be delivered locally.

    Squirrelmail login would be

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