Issue after update was done earlier in week for a 15 minute shutdown. My app still cannot connect to server.

February 24, 2018 435 views

How do I contact support? When I click ont he support link, or the support link listed under FAQ ‘how do I contact support’ it just returns to the droplet page or cloud support.digitalocean where there is suppose to be submit ticket link which I can not find.
I need support to explain why after the 15 minute shutdown the other day; and I ran the 2 commands for my ubunto server as the instructions listed to do; my app still fails connection to the server. I had made no changes to my app or droplet.. just the secruity update by digital ocean occurred. Does anyone know how I can contact support, or have an answer to this issue.
I did try turning off the droplet waiting minutes, turning it back on, and waiting 15 minutes before testing my app again. Still fails.

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I just wanted to update this. I created a new droplet, took only couple of minutes and my app runs fine. This was possible because I have not released the app yet. But, still would like to know if those 2 commands I ran (per the instructs from digital ocean)
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
which seemed to process correctly, did not get my server running and connecting to my app after the shutdown occurred for 15 minutes or so on 2/22.

So I still need some input, if anyone has good information on this issue. I received email that shows another shutdown comping I think on 2/26. Obviously I can’t destroy droplets and create new droplets each time there is a shutdown.
So, other then those 2 commands, what did I need to do to avoid the server connection failing after the shutdowns.

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