Issue with DNS updates not showing up in RAW bind.

April 6, 2013 2.2k views
Has anyone experienced issues with updating a DNS record and the updates not showing up in the RAW bind? It's happened a couple of times to me. I just added 6 CNAMES for a CDN and none of them are showing in the RAW bind. I checked the DNS page with two different broswers and cannot see the CNAMES in the RAW bind. I'm not able to ping them either.
2 Answers
It takes me a few minutes¹ before the updates show up. I bet they have to propogate through DigitalOcean's DNS system.

1: I only checked back an hour or two later, and they were still there.
We are tracking errors in the configs and reporting them on the admin side but not yet pushing them out to the front-end so we're going to work on that.

It may be related to a misconfigured earlier entry if you open a ticket we can troubleshoot it.
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