Issue with 'view-office-documents-online'. I need an assistance. Thanks.

March 25, 2019 450 views

Hello there,

We are trying to open some docs which is placed on our server using . But we got a negative response.

And if we tried to open it via Microsoft Office Online then they work

We tried to change the location of the file or the rights to read / execute the file, the result is the same.

What am I doing wrong? What can I do in order to fix that?
Thanks in advance

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I found an article that offers suggestions on this:

I propose that most of these do not apply. My recommendation, as a test, would be to create a new document directly in Word/Powerpoint, upload it with a simple filename (“test.pptx” or something), then try opening it in the same way.

If you’re generating these files with software that is compatible but not necessarily Microsoft-built, it could be that there’s a small incompatibility that is only occurred when using this particular feature of Office.


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