It is possible to reorder DNS records?

October 18, 2017 1.1k views
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I in the DNS records Control Panel records are shown in inverted creation order.
A domain I'm managing is used by a Microservice architecture, there are many A records (Phisical Machines) and CNAME records (Services).
It is becoming a bit confusing to manage it because when I need to add/edit/remove a service or machine it is not easy to identify the records involved in the process.
Even worst some of my collaborators need to start editing the records themselves and it is not straight forward with this strange sorting.

Would it be possible to reorder the records or maybe group them by type or both?

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+1! This is usually a standard, or even a text version of all of it, for the sake of keeping things clean and organized. DigitalOcean, any way possible?
B3rn475, you could upvote these submissions :)

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