it won't let me add domain name

July 18, 2016 2.6k views

Digital Ocean doesn't have any restriction on domain name, right? I redirected my domain name from Bluehost to digital ocean 4 hours ago. When i tried to add domain to my droplet, it always gave this error message saying: Name only valid hostname characters are allowed.(a-z, A-Z, 0-9, ., _and - ) Or a single record of "@". My domain name is I don't think it is abnormal. Can someone help me here? Thanks.

2 Answers

I assume you're trying to create a domain record, and point it at your droplet. You have to do this on the networking tab, not on the droplets page; that's how you change the hostname. Check out this tutorial on how to do that.

that was the instruction i was following. I finished step 1 and 2, and i double checked with my domain name company Namecheap that my setting was correct. Then step 3 just won't go through. However, I never tested step 2. Do i just enter WHOIS into my CMD windows command line tool? It says it couldn't recognize WHOIS as a command. Not sure what to do now. Please advise. Thanks.

  • No, run that command on your droplet.

  • You're rather vague about step 3. Step 2 just verifies that you correctly configure your nameservers to point to Digital Ocean.

    • It's possible that you might have copied and pasted your domain name in and some empty space was included in the copy/pasting. You have probably resolved this by now but I'm writing this in case anyone else runs into this error. I just did. I deleted the empty space and the issue was resolved.

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