iTunes is blocking my Digital Ocean droplet

July 21, 2019 161 views
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Basically i have a Digital Ocean droplet running a jenkins docker image in which i have installed fastlane and create a job to automatically upload metadata to iTunes through fastlane deliver.

The problem is for some reason, sometimes, i have a bad response from iTunes API. The same code running couple days ago works fine in the same Digital Ocean server. Now i try in AWS ec2 and in my local machine and everything works fine. So, i think Apple in some way is blocking my Digital Ocean server traffic.

I have the same problem as this guy posted in fastlane github

Any ideas what is going on?


1 Answer

I hope you've already sorted this.

From what I can understand the issue you're experienced is inconsistent. What you do when the issue is present is to test the connection to iTunes API using traceroute.

There are a lot of sites from where you can perform traceroute, but you can also do this on your own PC:

Run traceroute on Linux
Open a terminal window.
At the command line prompt, type:
For IPv4 -


Run traceroute on Windows
Open the Start menu.
Click Run.
To open the command line interface, type cmd and then click OK.
At the command line prompt, type:
For IPv4 -


You can check for packet loss and if you're actually able to get to the last hop - iTunes API.

Apple may be block traffic coming from DigitalOcean, but I guess only their support team can confirm this.


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