Jupyter Notebook on Digital Ocean and VPN

October 25, 2018 475 views
VPN Ubuntu 18.04

Hi all,

I have deployed a jupyter notebook on a digital ocean droplet and it has been working great so far. Right now I have been using pandas.readsql() to access data from various databases in my company so that I can run analysis. However, there are certain databases which are only accessible via VPN (due to IP restrictions). How can I set up my jupter notebook to make the pandas.readsql function call through a VPN network?

Right now on my own computer, I use https://forticlient.com/downloads to connect via VPN.


  • This feels like spam…

  • Haha sorry you feel that way. But this is a genuine problem I’m facing -> If I can only connect to a database via a VPN (due to IP restrictions), what do I need to do to set up my jupyter notebook that is running on digital ocean droplet to also connect to this VPN?

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