Just looking to host wordpress, DO a good choice?

Posted March 22, 2015 7.9k views

Hello all,

I’m a long time Linux desktop user who has never set up a server or website before. I’m simply looking to host a wordpress blog on a nice and fast host with minimal effort on my part. It looks like there is an easy way to get wordpress up and running on DO. I see that DO is targeting developers, but for my application would DO be a good choice or would someone else like bluehost be easier?


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Digital Ocean is great for WP, but your qualification of “minimal effort” means I have to answer, NO. There is a “one click” install for WP, but you still need to do security updates and generally know how to manage a server. I can almost guarantee you that at some point something will happen and YOU will have to figure it out. WP is like a big honeypot for problems… 80K lines of PHP…a database....a huge cottage industry of novice programers making crap plugins… oh the things that can go wrong. Get someone else to manage it unless you want to put in a lot of time learning. Best of luck!

  • Agreed so much. That ‘one click’ install is over promising. I can not imagine one without the knowledge of server to run that WP and without the risk of been hacked.

    WP + Not good in managing a Linux box =

    Best of luck

I really appreciate the reply. Great point about the maintenance, I hadn’t thought of that. As much as I would love to learn all about managing the server, I’ve got two kids 2 years old and under so my extra time for this kind of ‘fun stuff’ is minimal these days. Cheers.

I have a question. I have a blog- it has 22000 views daily. Now, I want to transfer this to my own via taking a server. My website data is not more than 500MBs right now and in future till 1 year it would not go beyond 1GB. It basically has text based articles with a very few pictures and no video.
My question is that:

1.Would VPS would be the best choice for this blog?
2.Need something economical.

  1. My aim is to put ads on this blog.


  • @alimran while you can host your site in DO with a small droplet you may need to make some caching, so go research about Cloudflare, Varnish and Total Cache plugin, also try to setup a LEMP instead of a LAMP server, is a lot more efficient for high traffic sites.

I don’t have thatch technical know how. Can I get a guidance. I can do if I get a support. I need an instant support please.