Keep screen unlocked when ending remote desktop session

December 20, 2018 595 views
Server Optimization

I'm running some automated tasks on my Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard VPS, however, those tasks stop when I end the remote desktop session due to that the screen gets locked, and I have to connect again so it will unlocks.

Is there a way to keep it unlocked even I'm not connected to the VPS? Thanks!

2 Answers

Hey friend,

I'm not familiar with this topic, but I found a discussion that seems like it would still be relevant today:

To the best of my knowledge, nothing around this type of functionality has changed since then. This would suggest that an app should continue running unless you specifically log out, so clicking the X to close RDP should leave it running. If it isn't, it may be worth getting more information from the system about what is happening afterward.


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