Kernel Panic Issue - not syncing VFS, unable to mount root fs

June 14, 2019 436 views
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I suddenly got a notification of my CPU usage being high, and when I check my website - it was down.

And, then tried to log in to FTP to deactivate WordPress plugins to see if it’s an issue with WordPress (but couldn’t access FTP/SSH as well)

Then I went to the dashboard and tried to access the console of Digital Ocean, and it displayed the following error in the image below:

The last DO support response was to go to the recovery mode then:

-check filesystem
-mount disk image (or filesystem) (is it the same thing?)
(Refer to this:

Then change the recovery mode to HDD and then power back on the droplet.

Maybe I misunderstood the official support response? Or did I miss something else?

I also tried restoring the droplet backup - that didn’t work either. Do I have to fix the issue before trying to restore the backup?

I’m kinda in a panic mode - so please help me with a detailed response. I don’t know how the hell did this problem occur in the first place.

1 Answer

I hope this is already sorted.

I recently had the same issue/error on a CentOS 7 server. I had more than one kernel to choose for the server and it seems like one of these available kernels was broken/not working. I’ve simply selected another kernel and the server booted properly.


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