Kernel update and change from 64 to 32 bit kernel killed my box with "kernel panic" error.

Posted June 23, 2013 8.3k views
Long story cut short: Changing the kernel from 3.8.0-19-generic that comes when you click Ubuntu 13.04 x64, to Ubuntu1304-x32-vmlinuz- from the dropdown list has killed my box. Looking at the console, I see: ... Exec format error kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init! exitcode=0x00000100 Here's a screenshot of the full window: Longer story: I setup a droplet for a friend and taking exact notes and all the things I'd learned, I attempted to setup a droplet identically. Same size, OS and region. All went well except vsftpd and people on Ubuntu forums were saying that "500 OOPS: priv_sock_get_cmd" is kernel related, and the only thing I realised was different was that I accidentally chose 64 bit. So, I took a snapshot (phew!) and picked the latest 32 bit ubuntu 13.04 kernel I could find. I've not restored from the snapshot just in case any staff want to explore the error. But it would be interesting to know what happened and why it happened!

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When you have installed a 64 bit OS, you should stick with a 64 bit kernel.

Using a 32 bit kernel with a 64 bit operating system, and vice versa, will lead to problems due to the incompatible binaries.
Well, that's what I thought, but I'm probably being blind or stupid here, but I can't find anywhere in the guides here that says so, or even in the kernel selection (screenshot that warns against this.

So, basically, I'm stuffed, just start over?
Also... given that I've got about 5 choices of 32 bit Ubuntu 13.04 kernels including one called "alternative", should I just pick the latest one?
Are you able to reset your kernel back to a 64-bit one in the control panel?

If you have trouble, open a ticket and we can give you a hand.

Hi there; yes, I managed to restore it OK, but not just by doing the kernel revert (it wouldn't boot at all, not even to kernel) but by doing kernel revert AND snapshot restore.

All working now - I'll be a bit careful from now on! By the way, what is the "ALTERNATE" x86 Ubuntu 11.04 kernel for?
Sorry, I meant 13.04 not 11.04
hello i have the same problem! i had installed ubuntu 13.04 and windows 7 in an hdd, then i installed windows 8 in a new ssd and i couldnt get to ubuntui again so i tried to reinstalled and this kernel panic happened, so now i just want to recover some info i had in ubuntu! idk what to do! please help me :(
@t.q.m.michael: Since this is a DigitalOcean help forum, I recommend creating an topic with a screenshot of the kernel panic.