Kubernetes coredns not working for external address

July 26, 2019 295 views
DigitalOcean Kubernetes

Im using Digital Ocean kubernetes. My pod stops resolving external address. for the kubernetes names, everything is ok.

If I reboot the kubernetes nodes, its works, bbut for a short period of time.

  • Hi there!

    Do you see any logs in the coredns pods or any restarts on the coredns pods themselves?


    John Kwiatkoski
    Senior Developer Support Engineer

  • Nope. Coredns logs are ok:
    2019-07-26T19:53:18.670Z [INFO] CoreDNS-1.3.1
    2019-07-26T19:53:18.670Z [INFO] linux/amd64, go1.11.4, 6b56a9c
    linux/amd64, go1.11.4, 6b56a9c
    2019-07-26T19:53:18.670Z [INFO] plugin/reload: Running configuration MD5 =

    and 0 restarts.

1 Answer

Not sure of the information about your upgrade, the issue seems to be due to kube-dns version resolving external name services. You have to roll back kube-dns to a previous build or upgrade to.

OR try to check if your kube-dns version changed whenever you upgraded your OS.

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