Kubernetes Helm deployment via nfs-server-provisioner fails, connection refused

August 10, 2019 143 views

Hi, trying to deploy this image https://github.com/helm/charts/tree/master/stable/wordpress
via Helm.
It works fine with service.type = ClusterIP and persistence.storageClass = do-blockstorage or service.type = LoadBalancer and persistence.storageClass = nfs
but fails with service.type = ClusterIP and persistence.storageClass = nfs, error Liveness probe failed.

Installed nfs via: helm install stable/nfs-server-provisioner –set persistence.enabled=true,persistence.size=10Gi

I think it’s probably not able to communicate via DNS.

Anyone have any ideas for a fix? Thanks!

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goobernetes August 10, 2019
Accepted Answer

I didn’t wait long enough it works fine, sorry!

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