Kubernetes Ports Exposed (using Agones)

Posted December 13, 2020 963 views
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I saw this talk and tried to set up Agones myself on Digital Ocean kubernetes. except it doesn’t currently work.

I followed the tutorial, here, and everything seems to start up and work properly except for the fact that when it comes time to test the server, I cannot connect to my game server on the UDP port 7000-8000 and IP listed. I tried their TCP example too, but same result.

  • It allocates a port properly
  • My pod and game server container are healthy after starting
  • the game server google wrote told agones it was ready
  • The example game server google wrote is logging that it’s started

Is there some firewall in front of a DigitalOcean Kubernetes cluster?

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Hello @rolltable,

On Kubernetes with version 1.19 and later DigitalOcean provision two fully-managed firewalls for each new Kubernetes cluster. One firewall manages the connection between worker nodes and master nodes, and the other manages connections between worker nodes and the public internet.

However, you cannot delete the cluster’s default firewalls or manually change their configuration in the control panel. Any changes made to the default firewalls through the control panel will not persist and be reverted. If you need to open ports outside of the NodePort range, such as port 80 or 7000-8000, manually create a new DigitalOcean Cloud Firewall and associate it with the cluster.

For more details, you can refer here.

Best Regards,
Purnima Kumari
Developer Support Engineer II - DigitalOcean