Kubernetes scale down hourly billing & secondary node pool scale to 0?

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Hi i was reading the documentation about autoscaling, so i have a few things questions about it.

  1. DO bills the instance hourly even if we don’t use it for an hour, is this also true for kubernetes?
  2. How does it handle autoscaling down? does it take into consideration about the 1 hour billing? (like choosing a node near the 1 hour mark to scale down).
  3. can we have a secondary node pool that scales down to 0? (ex: i already have a primary node pool with 2 shared droplet nodes, then i want to have a secondary compute optimized node pool that autoscales 0 to 5)

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Hello @Raystorm ,

Managed Kubernetes worker nodes are charged at the same rate as Droplets on an hourly basis even you don’t use it. As the underlying infra continues to reserve your share of CPU, RAM and disk (as well as the IP for your worker node)

Worker nodes are billed hourly with a minimum charge of one hour. If you create a worker node and destroy it less than an hour later, you will still be charged the minimum charge.

Also, the DigitalOcean autoscaler does not support a min_node size of 0, therefore the minimum node size for an autoscaling group is 1.

Best Regards,
Purnima Kumari

  • so if the Kubernetes autoscaler scales it down, I would still be charged the full hour.

    this is kind of a problem for something like a game server, where it could scale up & down at unpredictable times.